Anyone planning a trip to Berlin can now avail of inspired tips and priceless advice to make their experience an unforgettable one. (As unforgettable, at least, as it can be after copious Weißbiers, Glühweins and/or Sternis.) They thought the place was crawling with tourists before, well they ain’t seen nothin’ yet – I’m now a spotter spottin’ spots for Spotted by Locals, voted best website at the Guardian and Observer Travel Awards last week!
Berlin is third only to Paris and London for visitors in Europe, but I’m sure now it’ll be number one in no time. I’ve no idea why anyone would voluntarily go to London – the food’s crap, pubs shite and prices outrageous. It’s still the only place I’ve been where I missed six flights in a row (may even have been more) although there were fond memories of throwing winky-lights into the river and learning Ciarán was a popular girls’ name in India. Very pretty she was too. But I digress...
I’m doing my bit to revive Berlin’s flagging economy. Not that it was ever vived or unflagged to begin with. Merkel should give me a medal when she’s finished giving out to immigrants.
(Just a note Angela; if Germany’s immigration policy has failed, then you've failed – you’re the boss.) I digress again.
Spotted by Locals is for travellers who want the latest inside info on where to go and what to look for from those who know it best. No guide book will tell you how to sneak into the Reichstag or capture the madness of Mauerpark. There are spies' stories at the Stasi Museum, cafés no one’s heard in, or walking in the footsteps of Nazis and Russians at Kaserne Krampnitz (a ‘how to guide’ on that to follow here – it’s fantastisch!) and much more.
I’ve written ten articles so far and need to get cracking on another ten now. Any suggestions for ‘spots’ would be most welcome. It’s a great excuse for exploring, trying new pubs and enjoying the best this verrückte Stadt has to offer. Not that I needed any encouragement. Now... I've got spots to spot!


  1. There's only one thing to do in Schöneberg?!?!?!??!

    What about the Rathaus Schöneberg -- I haven't been to the room myself, but I understand there's a free exhibit celebrating John F. Kennedy"s (he's Irish) speech in Berlin where he said Ich bin ein Berliner. I could be wrong though... I've only heard this.

  2. I know JFK is Irish - sure his family are neighbours at home! There was a huge hullabaloo when he came to visit the family homestead in Wexford - they still talk about it to this day. I think the only bigger occasion in Irish history (visitor-wise) was when the Pope came to visit in 1979. The good Pope, not the crap evil one they have now. I'm digressing again. I seem to be very digressional today.
    Thanks for the brilliant idea though, even if I do get nosebleeds anytime I cross over to the West.

  3. Ah the memories of those gluweins!!! I better not remind Richie or he will be on the next flight over to help you spot!!

  4. hello.

    SIX FLIGHTS!?! SIX?!?!?! how on earth did you manage to do that?!

    *film quote*

    -yes london! bad weather, worse food, mary fucking poppins london!

    *end of film quote*

    ah yeah the whole giving out to immigrants thing is the same in austria. they invited and welcomed them with flowers in the 70's and now they want them all to go away. at least angie doesn't rap about it, does she? unlike the leader of the fascist party here:

  5. With the pound having taken such a dive, I find even London to be reasonably priced - it's not that much more expensive than Germany, anyway.
    And the spotted by locals site - I was going to write for them, but geez... not much comes back your way, does it?

  6. There ain't much money to be earned doing ANYTHING in Berlin - plenty of work though - but I'm doing this for love rather than the money. I love those feckin' tourists. I actually have no idea how much comes back my way. It's so minuscule I didn't even check it out.

    non-Freud - There was drink taken as you'd often hear in a court of law in Ireland. As for that video... well, what the hell can you say? Austrians don't have a good name when it comes to far right politicians. You'd think they'd be a bit embarrassed about the whole Adolf thing but they seem to be quite proud of him. He didn't like immigrants either, so much so he went and emigrated, thus becoming an immigrant too. Oh the irony! The only way to solve that little dilemma was by annexiation. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Deborah - Coming into Glühwein season shortly! It's the only way to stay warm...

  7. the fact that he has a crappy techno rap song about his fascistic stuff never ceases to amuse me. neither do his "look at me i'm so young and cool" ripped jeans and johnny knoxville sunglasses. angela has a lot to learn from him.

    by the way, i'll check out the places you spotted next time i'm in berlin. yaaay!


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