Most beautiful of them all...

Never before has Berlin been treated to such a wonderful issue of the Exberliner magazine! Sitting in the shops as I type, November’s issue is quite possibly the best ever! It’s certainly the most beautiful ever – my first as copy editor (hopefully not the last) is the beauty issue!
Of course the standard of copy editing is simply fantastic, but that’s not the only reason readers are in for a treat – all bias and shameless self-promotion aside, it’s actually packed with interesting stories: from that of the guy who learned he was the product of an Aryan breeding programme; to the beauty of being an ugly model; Berlin’s Miss Germany on why she isn’t into Schnick-schnack; director Guy Maddin wondering why nobody in Winnipeg remembers when the Nazis took over the city; and Angela Merkel just telling immigrants to fuck off.
I’ll copy links over as they come available for those of you too scabby to splash out €2.50. In the meantime, I encourage the rest of you to get out there and get it. And don’t forget to tell them what a wonderful job the copy editor has done. That would be the most beautiful of all...


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I just finished the issue... read front to back as always.

    Quite proud of ya!
    Best of luck to you getting the long-term job. I'm looking forward to seeing much more of you around Berlin.

  2. I have it. Did you take that mosaic picture, and if yes, where is it?
    Maria from Wall Street


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