Pulling the plug on gurgling

Baths in Germany don't gurgle when you let the water out. Gurgling must be verboten as well in this country.
Admittedly, I'm only basing this theory on the limited number of baths I've used - two. Having said that, I've used the second one a few times now (in the new home) and I can safely say not one gurgle has been gurgled after the plug was pulled. The other bath I encountered was just as quiet, although it may have been on its best behaviour at the time - I only ever used that once.
Anytime I ever had a bath in any bath in Ireland it gurgled loud enough to wake the dead after I let the water out. The whole neighbourhood would be able to tell bathing and personal hygiene habits simply from the almighty racket emanating from the bathroom anytime a plug was pulled.
I hate baths only slightly less than I hate smelling like I need one. Unfortunately there's no shower in the new gaff (Wohnung) but at least now I can pull the plug on neighbours knowing when I've just done so.


  1. I suspect the lack of gurgle is due to shallow, plastic pipes done at weird angles. I think we all miss metal pipes that go straight into the ground and carry the water away at breakneck speed. But we're in Berlin, so we get DDR plastic pipes at 15% angles of 'drainage' (I use the word losely). But the German 'trophy shelf' toilets provide enough fun and games for the whole family, so who's complaining?


  2. Once there's no lack of gargle I'm not complaining!


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