Angepisst with €urination

And they wonder why Friedrichstraße train station smells of piss. €1 they want for using the pissoirs there. One flippin' euro to take a pinkle!
Obviously it's the same if you want to deposit something more substantial (you'd want to if you want to feel you're at least getting some value for money), and it's €7 if you're desperate enough to want a shower. Jaysus, you'd want to smell like a skunk after a hard day's work lugging multiple decomposing skunk carcasses from the scene of a particularly stinky skunkland killing.
Just as at Hauptbahnhof and at Alexanderplatz, none of the restaurants, food joints or coffee shops in Friedrichstraße train station have their own toilets, with just one WC centre in each station, forcing passengers with bulging bladders to fork out outrageous sums for relief, or find a quiet spot just outside where they can pee as nature intended - without paying.
Many are doing just that, voting with their pinklers and taking their urine outside. The resulting stench is stomach-turning; tell-tale black stains on the pavement not warning enough for the putrid piss perfume of a surreptitious slash.
You can actually get 'Kaffee to go' at Friedrichstraße for 95 cents. It means you have to pay more for disposing of it after drinking than it originally cost. They are literally taking the piss. Or not as the case may be, judging from the smell just outside.


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