Pigtail dreams gefressen

A momentous day. Not only did we get the keys to the apartment but I got a haircut! The apartment's quite small as I mentioned before - there was no way I'd fit into it without a haircut.
I went back to the scene of the previous crimes, Haartari on Bänschstraße, with the usual instructions: "Nicht wie etwas von der 80er Jahre, kein MacGyver-look, und kein mehr Haar in meine Augen!"
Mauricio was happy to oblige. He got to work with furious abandon, snipping, cutting and hacking like a sap-thirsty lumberjack, only stopping every so often to ask if he should cut a little more off. "Mach was Du willst," I told him each time. I'd given up caring what I looked like anymore - I just wanted to look normal, and to fit into our apartment of course.
He kept snipping, cutting and hacking, while we small talked away each cut - I didn't want to be rude - and before long there was very little hair left at all. You may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb so I told him to go the whole hog. As the sun was setting I was feeling bullish and Mauricio was uncowed. (Any more animal metaphors would just be a pain in the ass. Hee haw.)
Almost an hour later my hair was as short as it hasn't been for a long long time. I can't even shake my hair dry like a dog anymore. Yes, Monday was a momentous day, the day my dreams of pigtails were laid to rest.

Apologies for the pictures, but I only had time to take them as I was cycling to the Haarschneiderei and back. Time is at a premium these days what with Umzugs, sandpapering, painting floors, online TESOL courses and trying to find a new job. I'll explain more when I've more time.


  1. Thanks! And you're right, people should smile more. :-)

  2. i like the new haircut! i'm sure you're happy that you don't get your hair in your eyes anymore. you can always grow it and have a pigtail if you must - and if you can stand the weird growing process.

    re: animal metaphores - hahahaha


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