Endlich zu Hause

The last of the Umzugs is over. It better be the last. After finally moving into our new apartment on Sunday, I told Sven - one of the many helpers required to move Jenny's mountain of belongings - that we wouldn't be moving again until the child in her belly would be able to help too. He or she should be able to carry at least a fridge or washing machine before we even consider moving again.
The next weeks now promise to be fun, filled with never-ending possibilities of drilling holes in walls, unpacking boxes. rebuilding Ikea furniture, sanding floors, laying carpets, varnishing wood and painting walls. There's also plenty of cleaning to do. But first we've to buy a new hoover - the old one died shortly after moving in, just after I cycled 6km with it under my arm. It seems all the stress got to it too. And although we'll never be able to replace the old teapot, we'll need to if we want to have any tea breaks at all in between all the work to be done.

As the job-search enters a critical phase and when I want to complete the online TESOL course I started last week (Plan B is teaching English), we've no internet when I need it most. Three weeks for the phone company Alice to switch the line. Three weeks! Surely just a matter of flicking a few switches but oh no... I even rang but couldn't get any joy after holding ten minutes because I didn't have a password for the account. A password! Do they think someone wants to steal our phone bills?! Despite being able to make an appointment three weeks in advance, they can't be any more specific than "between 8am and 6pm", dealing the fatal blow to the myth of German efficiency. I'll have to take a day off work if I have a job by then. Who the fuck is Alice you may ask? Well now you know.

But we're finally in our new home! That's the most important thing. Happy dreams in your first night for a happy stay, but we were both too knackered to remember dreaming at all. Simply moving in and putting the Umzugs behind us is enough of a happy dream for now.
(The first to move in - the day we got the keys last week - were the tortoise and Affi, pictured above and right respectively. I'm pleased to report both are very happy in their new abode too.)


  1. good luck with the new place. yeah moving is a bitch, so the worst part is over.

    what's plan A then?

  2. Cheers Wawa - a spare room too for the next time you wanna come over!

    Non-Freud: Plan A is the increasingly far-fetched notion of staying in journalism. I wanna do the write thing - ha! You see? My talents are wasted...


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