Moral dilemma for a psychic octopus

An uncomfortable moral dilemma is looming for me tomorrow. Germany take on Spain and suddenly I'm faced with a choice. Two years ago, for the final of Euro 2008, it wasn't even an issue and I celebrated with gusto when La Furia Roja finally brought a trophy back to España.
Things have changed since however. I admit allegiances are shifting. I like this German team and the football they play. I like the fact it's a multicultural mix representing the new Germany, the Germany I'm now a part of. I like the fact that neo-Nazis are spurning it for that precise reason. I like the way there are no star names, the main man is called Schweini, the captain Lame, and the coach Jogi. Never mind Poldi, Hansi and Özi...
It's a vibrant team, a fresh attacking force, full of flair and swerve, an optimistic team which carries the promise of exciting days ahead. Of course, scoring four against England hasn't harmed them either. But I also found it impossible not to enjoy the four-star show against Diego Maradona's Argentina.
When I look at this Spanish team I find it hard to feel the same. Sure this 'tiki-taka fútbol' is nice to look at, but it's not really that exciting. They bore their teams into submission by passing the ball around and then score one goal to progress. The goal they scored against Portugal was offside and they have San Iker to thank for saving their arses against Paraguay.
The fact they negotiated a €600,000 reward each to win the damn thing really stuck in my craw. For Jaysus' sake, they're already all multimillionaires fulfilling the dreams of millions of kids around the world. Who wouldn't want to play in a World Cup for their country? But oh no, these hombres need over half a million each to consider it. Then there's the stink of culé (Barcelona) infestation...
Spain is a part of me, but it's my past. My folks won't like it, but my future is Germany - the Würmchen ensures of that. There may be no German blood in me, but my blood will be. (Just half, and it won't be allowed forget the other half!)
I confess I was disappointed when Paul the psychic octopus predicted Spain would win tomorrow. After successfully calling the Argentina result last week (and all four of Germany's results before that) the 'Oracle Cephalopod' went straight for the mussel with the Spanish flag, hovered briefly over the German one, before trusting his first instinct and thrusting his tentacle squarely back in favour of Vicente del Bosque's side.
"We were all a little bit shocked when Paul picked Spain," said Tanja Munzig, spokeswoman for the aquarium in in Oberhausen. "To err is not only human - animals can also make mistakes. Let's hope Paul got this one wrong."
The only time Paul was ever wrong was two years ago, the last time Germany met Spain. It was the final of Euro 2008. The last time he got it wrong I was celebrating. I wonder if this time will be any different...


  1. it won't dude,

    Spain, Everything Under the Sun

    including and not limited to the golden world cup book end yoke.."Dutch Disease" like your self dude, full of natural gas, can also be used to describe what the the over sized dutch jammy lucky game folks called football,,or how ever they say it.For gods sake man your 1/2 deigo..cad e an sceal?>
    clogs dude; will inevitably give you a blister....
    case adjourned

  2. oh ,,and by the way dude, I'm europeo bound, fancy a jar in dubh linn nollaig?

  3. Not sure what the plans are for Nollaig yet, as there will be a certain present due shortly afterwards. Plans are all on hold from being planned at the moment. They never work out anyway, so there's little point in making them.
    Didn't really follow your first message. I take it you're supporting Spain, against Holland and, as always, against Germany. Oder?
    The online translator is as baffled as I am, and has clogged out for a long holiday from the blisters...

  4. that's affirmative pops,

    Spain all the way, a Spanish woman stole my heart

  5. One of them stole my camera when I was at San Fermin last year.


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