Arse licking for an apartment

Update on the apartment search. Jenny went to look at a place today, thought it was okay, registered her interest. It turns out the guy showing her the place is the guy moving out. He said he'd ring one of us on Sunday to let us know if we were successful making it onto his list to be handed to his landlord. If he'd grant us the privilege...
What the fuck?! Not only do you have to lick the arses of the prospective landlords in this country, but also the arses of the previous tenants so you are permitted then to lick the arses of their landlords! What the hell the previous tenants have to do with anything at all in the first place is beyond me. I'm going to live under a bridge.


  1. hahaha, man, thats fucking tragi-comic ;-)

  2. Heh heh,

    It happens a lot. The tenant wants to leave before the end of his lease or notice period and so he has to find a new tenant for the landlord.

    The landlord can otherwise demand payment of rent for the entire period - even if the tenant has moved out.

    Welcome to the Fatherland!


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