Liberated by the twenties

Finally a real haircut! A noticeable difference this time! I went back to Haartari on Friday - put my hair's fate back in the hands of the stylish gay guys at the arty place with the classic furniture - and gave Stefan carte blanche to do whatever he wanted.
"Mach was du willst. I don't care anymore. Just make sure the hair is out of my eyes. Es ist ärgerlich."
He ran his hand through my hair, a moment of panic before he found it again, a harp intake of breath and then: "Wow."
He put his finger to his lip, pondered thoughtfully (as if there was any other way to ponder), and then I knew I was in good hands. He told me straight away he'd cut the back so I wouldn't look like MacGyver anymore, and assured me I'd be able to see as soon as he'd finished.
"It will be very cool. Something from the twenties," he said.
I'd no idea what was in during the 1920s, my memory not stretching back quite that far, but somehow I trusted Stefan completely. (Berlin always seems to be behind the times when it comes to fashion. I thought it was still in the eighties, but the twenties. Jaysus.)
Despite him being covered in tattoos and having earrings where no earrings had business being - (picture here, the guy in the middle) - he exuded calm and I was already at the end of my tether. Really I couldn't have cared less what he did, twenties or not. I was all haired out.
The chainsaw came out and Stefan got to work. Above the din we'd the best conversation I've ever had with a hairdresser, all about the beers of Germany and whiskeys of Ireland. I knew more about the former and he the latter. He told a crude joke featuring Sterni and piss, and took a break half-way through to see what the ruckus was about outside when some freak with even more tattoos and piercings started shouting and roaring as he pushed his trolley up the street.
"Na ja, Friedrichshain," he said as he came back in.
"So ist Berlin," I agreed.
I literally felt the weight lift off my shoulders as he cut the haystack down to size, and the liberation of no longer having a veil of straw in front of my eyes anymore has given me a new appreciation for things around me. After all I can see them again!
(I'd been so distracted by the mop in my face that I very nearly forgot to take pictures. I managed to take one just before I went in with my phone, and another as I cycled home when I nearly ran into a tram. Thanks to Stefan I was able to see it on time.)


  1. much moer bettre hiar

  2. nice haircut! i hope you can still see when it's not all brushed back :)

    haha the t-shirt with the ampel mann... ampel mann looks so wrong. i wonder what they were thinking when they designed it.

  3. the lord is a very very busy man....

    'no pleasing some people'..jesus said that..its in his bible near short back and sides

  4. I am not your freud...What do you have against our Ampelmännchen? They are our pride. They are cool!

  5. Have to agree with anonymous - (the second one that is, haven't a clue what the bible-basher is going on about, although it's good to have the voice of insanity back again) - but Ampelmännchen are cool! Cooler than cool in fact, and a symbol of the power of the people!
    I must do a proper write up on them one of these days. Thanks for the tip.

  6. i don't have anything against ampelmännchen, the red one is cute and all but the green one looks like he has a huge boner. just like priapos. there, i said it.

  7. why did you say he has one like Priapus... !

    when those brogs land only use the red carpet.
    copy that, those goddamn Satzenbrau's can't read american...jeeeze

  8. You do know Satzenbrau is brewed in Dundalk, Ireland. No one here's ever heard of it I'm sure!

    And you've obviously never seen either the green Ampelmännchen or Priapus if you don't get the connection. I still don't agree by the way, and will be defending the Ampelmännchen's honour with suitable photographs and a smatter of Ostalgie when the time is right.

    I'll let you know as soon as the brogs arrive. Hopefully you didn't write the address in American (i.e. wrong) this time.

  9. How much for the haircut?

  10. No, I don't want to buy it off you.


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