Better suited

Things are afoot, so many I can't count them on my toes so really I should be telling you things are afeet.
I quit the job yesterday. But I'm leaving my ill-suited employment to get back into journalistic waters. I'll still be wearing ill-fitting suits, but I'll be doing so in the offices of Bild. Bild! Yes, I know, Germany's trashiest newspaper but one loved by the nation (not by Greece), read by 12 million people everyday and a newspaper all the same. I won't have had so many readers since my days with the Gorey Echo.
I'll be translating articles from German to English for Bild's English-language website, and contributing a few other wordy marvels of my own on the upcoming World Cup. Working for Erdnüsse but I will be getting paid (in itself quite an achievement in Berlin), using my German, and - most importantly of all - earning a living in the world of words once again!


  1. congrats Ciaran!!!! now you can afford to bring your princess over here!!!

  2. That would be nice!

  3. Hope you are doing well? Liebste Grüße nach Nice!!

  4. Dude I love you
    You are our and my hero
    One of my biggest influences has been I
    Are you the bell of the ball yet?
    A job? Is it work or a job?
    any difference?


  5. Nice one. It means I won't be allowed to talk to you again. Ever. But congratulations all the same. We'll have to celebrate this one.

  6. Hey hey, so YOU are the anonymous, now I know! Cheers for the kisses from Germany, kisses to you too. Here the weather's crap, the volcano's ashes are killing me and work sucks but it's not that bad. I just wish I were hunting for Easter eggs again...come here!!

  7. Love, kisses, Grüße, volcanoes, belles of the ball, anonymous dudes and celebrations. These comments are getting more bizarre by the day.

  8. gud tu knaw dat u hav a job, at lizt!!


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