Mug for Barry's

Things are looking up. A package arrived yesterday from Hédi, our former Swiss flatmate (she's still Swiss, but no longer our flatmate), absolutely stuffed with fancy sweets, chocolates, candies, caramels and Gruyère from Switzerland! So much Süßigkeiten in one place I've never seen before! And a little note to thank us for the time she spent here. I'll never ever say a bad word about the Swiss again.
Added to the fancy Irish truffles and chocolates Helen brought over, the tea my sister brought over, the tea Deborah brought over before that, and the emergency tea Tony very thoughtfully sent over after he noticed I ran out, and you could say I'm doing very well indeed!
My stockpiles of Barry's Tea have never looked so healthy. Niamh also brought over a special limited edition Barry's Tea mug from which I've been drinking gallons of the stuff since. A Barry's Tea mug! I'm a mug myself for Barry's Tea, so it's nice to have the favour returned.


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