Modest acorn

Well, it's official! I got my contract now so they can't back out of it. I'm starting work Tuesday week. I'll need the week before to actually read what I've signed; it's 12 pages long! In German of course too. I had to initial every page and sign it four times, twice! They're really making sure.
She gave me a list of hoops to jump through in the meantime. I have to go back to the dreaded Bürgeramt to get a Lohnsteuerkarte (to pay taxes), sign up for compulsory health insurance, get a Sozialversicherungsausweis and a gegenbenenfalls Aufenthalts-/Arbeitsgenehmigung. I can't remember what the latter is, nor indeed the former, but I can see know why unemployment is so high in Berlin - they don't make it easy to work.
Not many fans turned up for my signing ceremony. It was a little disappointing, considering 90,000 turned up for Cristiano in Madrid. No one from the press showed up, not even from the radio. No requests for autographs, no female fans screaming in adulation, no one at all, in fact, to blow kisses at or pose for photographs with. Ah well! Modest acorn to mighty oak and all that.


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