Frühlingsgefühling noch mal

Frühling's finally here! It might even be Sommer. Just a few weeks after everyone was freezing their arses off and slipping in a deadly mixture of slush and dog shite, now they're all walking around in t-shirts, licking ice-creams and sipping beers at midday on Unter den Linden.
So they were today in any case as the temperature climbed to a balmy 20°C. It wasn't so long ago that was a minus figure. But today was all chirping birds, café tables full outside, loungers on benches, chatter without chattering, and girls in skirts on bicycles. Yes, legs are very much in fashion in Berlin once again. As are bicycles. It's feckin' great! I even saw one guy driving around in his convertible (no doubt hoping to pick up one of the Madels).
There's a different feel to the city; it's in the air, a different smell, an awakening, a new lust for life. Frühlingsgefühl is threatening to take hold, when everyone goes slightly crazy after a long hard Berlin winter, spring in their step and everywhere else. Flirty, frisky and frolicky fun times are just around the corner! And I have to work.
At least the winter is gone though. Although I may have just put the comither on it. Hopefully it's not zu Frühling gefeiert.
(And hopefully that's how you spell comither. Darby O'Gill won't answer my calls.)


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