Picturisation complete!

It's done! The blog is picturised. Every post since we first departed these shores last September has now been furnished with photos from the adventures en route. It took feckin' yonks (14½ yonks to be precise) and it's why I've been neglecting personal correspondence and sleep in the meantime but thank Jaysus, it's finally done. You can't give me any more abuse about not having pictures to accompany the words.

I'd been mindful that most of the blog's readers can't actually read so these pictures are really for you. Of course, if you can't read, you still won't know that there are now pictures to be marvelled at...

Anyway, you can just scroll down to see what we saw, or use the archive links on the right. A lot of the posts also now have links to photo albums at the bottom where you click to see all the pictures from a particular attraction. For example, all the Salt Desert pictures can be seen here: http://picasaweb.google.com/faheyc/UyuniSaltDesert#
You will also notice labels at the bottom of each post. By clicking these you will be brought to more topics featuring the same topic. For example, Bolivia, sheep, tea, bulls etc. Actually, you'll get a good idea of what my priorities are by seeing what the labels are.

Posts I'd recommend for outstanding pictures include Bolivia's salt flats and lagoons, descending to the depths of hell in Potosí, trekking in Colca, aqueducts of Nazca, and Jesús talking about Perú. But there are loads - all worth checking out if I do say so myself. The pictures you see here now didn't even make the cut, so you can see the photo albums are worth checking out too.

Now I can concentrate on finding some work I might actually get paid for. I still have to write on all the stuff I missed however, so don't worry, there'll be plenty more to come!


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