Not pointy enough

I didn't get the job. Only took three weeks to find out. Another opportunity passed up and we're back to square one. All that witing and fluting about for nothing, but apparently that's the way it is in Germany. Left dangling for weeks on end before the cord is finally cut. Fuck it.

There are a couple of other half-options if I want to stay in journalism, but that's all they are, half options. Quarter-options would actually be more accurate. I've been ringing and emailing around again this morning but I'm in danger of just pissing people off. One job I applied for on January 27th hasn't even reached interview stage yet. I rang for the second time this morning to find out the editor is away until next week so nothing will be done 'til then. I'm not holding my breath.
Another crowd emailed me a couple of weeks ago to thank me for my application and to say they'd be back in touch. Of course, I never heard from them again. I rang again today to find out there are no positions available. Why they couldn't just tell me that in the first place is beyond me.

So the pointy shoes I splashed out €100 on didn't have the desired effect. Their success rate down from 100 to 50 per cent. I guess some other guy had pointier shoes, or mine just weren't pointy enough.
I let your wan know how disappointed I was but told her my enthusiasm for working for her wasn't dampened if she wanted to keep me in mind for future appointments. "I will keep your application on my radar, I promise," she wrote back.
Damnit. It's a setback, but hopefully only a temporary setback.


  1. Sorry to hear mate! I hope something comes along soon and on the bright side you have some dancing shoes for when I'm in town! Speak to ya soon!

  2. sorry ciaran! I don't know about Germany, but in France, if you want a job, you've got to present yourself in person and smile as much as possible... courage!

  3. Merci! But I smiled and smiled and smiled. Maybe I should have actually said something...

    Cato, there won't be any dancing when you're in town if I don't get some work. And pronto!

  4. job,,job,,,if work was in the bed you'd sleep on the floor...
    can you weld ?
    we need bridge welders or gay dancers ...the Castro will make you work if you were those shoes out in public dude...

    Nepal on Monday


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