I'm a teacher!

I'm a teacher now! So I guess that means I have to wear jackets with elbow patches and that I'll have to ruin two perfectly good jackets to do so.
A questionable fashion sense is a prerequisite for any budding teacher but I'm afraid in Perú that one needs a very questionable fashion sense indeed before it becomes noticeable. The faux pas of white socks together with black shoes is violated almost at will here, while no thought whatsoever is given to matching colours or styles.
Jaysus, I thought German fashion sense was bad; the Peruvians wouldn't know style if it bit them on the arse. Incidentally, I find that Germans actually make good teachers; presumably it's no coincidence they aren't known for their fashions.
In any case, I'm a teacher now and so must give more thought to education than dress sense: never one of my fortes. Finally, I have the perfect excuse!
I find most of the work is actually in preparation rather than the classes themselves. You're banjaxed if you just swan into a class with no preparation - the students would swoop like condors and have you eaten like a guinea pig before you know it. Guinea pigs are quite popular here, and not just with condors.
Before classes start however, I invariably have to shoo Lobo, the school dog, out of the classroom.
"Only English-speaking dogs allowed in here," I tell him, much to the students' amusement although the undercurrent resonance with Ireland's colonial past causes me some discomfort.
Lobo stinks you see, almost as bad as France's progress to the world cup, (I promise, the last time I'll mention that!) and to have him in the room for lessons would simply be unbearable. Much like having a bear in the class would be although that sentence would make more sense. If only Lobo was a bear!
I'm not sure bears eat plastic though. Last week I watched Lobo eat a plastic bag. Probably the must nutrition he'd got all week; there ain't nothin' else to eat. It really is a dog's life around here. No wonder he wants to learn English.
I'd love to find a few more Lobos so I could call one of them the littlest. I'm sure they'd all stink.
Unfortunately something else does too. The smell of chickens in the class can be overpowering at times. I guess a reduced sense of smell should be added to the reduced sense of fashion if I really want to be a teacher.

Proof of me being a teacher can be found here: http://picasaweb.google.com/faheyc/MyClass#


  1. congrats! becoming a teacher can be very stressful. I actually spend more time on what I'll wear than on preparing my lessons, cos in my classes, if anything's wrong then the kids eat you condor-style. I was wearing a hot dress yesterday (trying to catch my teenage-pupils' attention)and when someone laughed I became paranoid, thinking she was laughing at my thighs or I don't know what. I wish classes were fashion-free like yours!


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