Back to school

We've almost negotiated the first week of school and so far it's going to plan, or at least as much to plan as plans can go in Perú. Yesterday I worked with the 0 to 5-year-olds. Apparently they're an ideal age to learn another language, despite the fact some of them could barely speak their own.
I decided to teach them the colours, and set about preparing the class by writing them up on the board. A pity then, when I learned none of them could yet read. Never mind, I could call them out, tell them what the colours are.
In the end it turned into a colouring glass. For one little girl with snot all over her face, surely not much older than two, it turned into a how-to-hold-a-crayon-class. But somehow, despite the flying crayons, I think I managed to teach another little girl actually learned what "blue" is. Success!

"Yeah actually, I'd prefer to work with older ones," I told the coordinator today. No sooner said than done. The difference is unbelievable. Teenagers who can actually read and write, hold a crayon, and most importantly of all, wipe the snot off their own faces. Yes, we're making progress.


  1. Waw...I can't believe you missed U2's concert at the Brandeburg teach the poor peruvian kids. It's not even called dedication at this stage, Brother Ciaran!

  2. Why, I'd written smth and it erased. Was just telling you my admiration at your dedication to these Peruvian kids that you chose over the U2 concert at the Brandeburg Gate, didn't think you had it in you, Father Fahey ;)

  3. Shit. Sorry about the comments mix-up. Some fucker in Russia was leaving spam comments with a link to a website where one could get medication to "protect you and your family" from swine flu. I had to delete the shite he was leaving, and unwittingly altered the settings so comments needed to be moderated.
    I'm happy to report I've reset it so comments will appear straight away again without moderation.
    Hopefully Mr. Swine Flu gets a dose of his own virus and won't be leaving anymore spam.

  4. In the meantime Sr. Sonia, (or should I call you Mother Mezouar?), thank you for your ongoing comments.
    I'm happy I was able to surprise you, although I have to confess I didn't know about U2's free Brandenburg Gate gig before deciding to help the poor Peruvian kids. They may have had to look elsewhere for help if I had known about the gig on time...

  5. hahaha, I like the honesty! And it makes so much more sense! ;)

    I love this blog of yours, always fun to read!


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