No tears

There were no tears today when I bid a final adieu to the niños of the Inabif orphanage in Huancayo.
Miguel looked a bit shocked though. "Where are you going?" he asked. The jungle. "And after the jungle do you come back?" No. "After the jungle do you go back to your country?" Si, desculpe. "Oh."
The others just shook my hand. I'm not sure if they realised it was a final farewell. It doesn't matter in any case. Jesús barely looked up from the coach. Juan smiled and winced when I squeezed his hand. Juan Carlos barely reacted when I gave him copies of the photo of his family, the one with three grannies. Probably the only photo the family will have. "Gracias," he said meekly, without lifting his head to look at me.
They're all good kids, even if they did their best to make it easy to say goodbye today. Jhon and Jayo, our two students for the last couple of weeks, were particularly uncooperative this morning, sulking and pouting and doing anything but a simple exercise based on the digestive system.
I won't be sorry to see the end of biology lessons. We also taught social studies, mathematics, history, English and Spanish. Us teaching them Spanish! Grammar and stuff like that. Never mind we can barely speak it ourselves.
Volunteers come and go and I guess the orphans are used to goodbyes. After all, they don't have abandonment issues for nothing. They'll be okay.


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