Nein zu Mobbing!

I was outraged to read mighty Germany "sent a signal to Ireland" yesterday ahead of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty next month.
Revised laws were passed by a large majority in the Bundestag to allow the treaty's ratification. It was Merkel's spokesman on European Affairs who then described it as a "signal to Ireland". Mafiaesque advice considering the timing - three weeks before the Irish go to the polls for the second time. A clear attempt to bully a favourable answer this time from a nation which has already said "No". What a fucking nerve. How dare they interfere in another country's affairs!

If there was ever a reason to vote "No", there is now. Thankfully there is a legal requirement in Ireland for such a referendum, or the spineless Irish government would have obliged Merkel and Sarkozy by passing it already, regardless of the will of the people.

This really makes me sick. It's laughable that voters are being asked a second time at all. Will they be asked again and again until a favourable answer is given?!

If I could vote in the October 2nd poll I would vote a thousand times "No". No! And fuck off while you're at it.


  1. Do you think there is such a thing as the (in)ability to vote?

  2. Anyone unable to vote suffers from an inability to vote.

    My choice of habitat renders me unable to vote in the Lisbon referendum, while I also suffer an inability to vote in the upcoming German elections due to my nationality, despite being an EU citizen in the EU. So much for democracy!

    It would be ironic if the Lisbon Treaty actually addressed this issue, but after trudging through mountains of its text which is clearly designed to be incomprehensible to a mere human, I could find no such reference or proposals. Politicians' voting rights are addressed but not mere commoners'.

  3. Like you read it...


  5. Do you wanna be a wimp or a hero? You choose...
    Jaysus, that should be the text of the referendum.

    Although I doubt your man read it either. I did do my best for your information, but it is clearly written in such a way as to keep the information from being understood from those who should know what it is they're voting for. Very dangerous to vote for something if you don't know what you're voting for, and I smell a con in this particular instance...


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