Four-legged fliers

Who brings a dog to the airport?! Apparently Berliners do. They bring their dogs everywhere. Tegel was full of them when we landed back this morning. 'Twas the same when we were leaving last Wednesday. Four-legged furry fliers everywhere. Although I presume they weren't actually heading off anywhere - I didn't see any doggy-rucksacks, (doggy-bags as they're called in restaurants).
They must have come to see their owners off at the gate. Waving their paws as they watched their masters fly off into the heavens, eyes reverting to puppy-dog, fighting back the tears, choking back the muffled barks.

Dogs, of course, are great for smuggling drugs in and out of a country as Billy Connolly once pointed out. The required quantity should be placed up the pooch's arse, and when the airport dogs are sniffing around said area suspiciously, the security wardens will simply presume a canine attraction. No one ever asks a dog if they packed their own bag or if they're bringing any illegal weapons or substances. They'll be waved right through security - unless, of course, you happen to be a particularly suspicious-looking dog, wearing sunglasses and sweating profusely.

Hedonistic nightlife and mad parties, perhaps it's no coincidence Berlin's airports are frequented by so many dogs.


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