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I'm happy to say that the blog is now fully up to date. About time too. Tomorrow morning we're off to San Francisco and I had made it my mission to get everything done and updated before then.
All posts which had no images up to now have now been blessed with pictures. These include the posts on Madrid (Parts I and II), Pamplona, the Ronaldo presentation, Sweden, and a couple of others, so I invite you to go back and be amazed by the sheer brilliance of my photographic skills. Archives can be accessed by clicking the links on the right.

I think from now on I'll be bringing a USB cable with me on my travels, so Der increasingly misleadingly-named Irische Berliner can be updated with photos as I travel. I'm not sure what the internet access situation will be like in Perú, but hopefully I'll be able to keep ye updated while I'm there. Otherwise it'll have to be postcards!

Thanks for reading and for the encouragement and comments. Keep them coming!
Next broadcast from San Fran. 10/4 as they say at the end of sentances over there. No doubt there'll be plenty to write about...


  1. good luck Ciaran, sure San Fran will be good! Lucky bastard xx

  2. whats your 20 rubber ducky

    10/4 thats a copy over

    wtf over?

    copy that

    we'll need a PQR to poush the RFI for that last WPS issued OSHPD reg

  3. Thanks for the well(?) wishes Sonia!

    As for you Rubber Ducky, if I could figure out what you're talking about I'd probably say thanks too!

    Arrived safe and sound in San Fran anyway. After all my talk I forgot the damn USB cable for the camera. Ah well! Patience required for pictures once again...

  4. But I must have missed an episode here, why San Fran again, and where are you staying? And what about Jenny's teaching job in Berlin? Say hello to her for me btw xx

  5. Staying in Oakland with friends: Fats & Tanya. Just 10 mins from downtown San Fran on the Bart. What a name!
    Anyway, the trip is coinciding with the Outside Lands festival. A present. Dave Matthews Band were playing tonight and Jenny's a big fan. At least she was anyway. Spur of the moment thing really, something to whet the appetite before the big trip in three weeks or so!
    Jenny's waiting for her Referendariat place, so it'll be February at the earliest before that's ready to rock and roll.
    I'll write you a proper email with all the goings on when we get back next week. ;-)


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