Real Madness

If you can't spell Madrid without ¨mad¨, you can't spell Real Madrid without ¨real mad¨. That's what it promises to be tonight for the presentation of of the planet's most expensive footballer.
Some 500 journalists have been accredited for Cristiano Ronaldo's big moment, and I'm one of them! An estimated 75,000 fans are expected at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu to greet him, although I don't know yet if my parents will be among them. They don't like him in any case, and they've yet to see if they've something better to do.
It promises to be another circus of an event, (50,000 welcomed Kaká last week,) but with Madrid it can't be any other way. This city thrives on pomp, ceremony, panache and show - everything a performance, every show designed to overshadow all others - not a hint of modesty to be found anywhere.
No doubt the €94 million man will feel right at home here.

Afterwards I'll be getting the night bus to Pamplona, hopefully to arrive before the first bull run tomorrow morning! Apparently, the toros are waiting impatiently for my arrival.

Again, I'm travelling without the USB lead for my camera. I'll have no pictures for ye this week, so you'll just have to use your imagination. I promise to ruin the pictures concocted in your heads then with real photos when I get back to the relative sanctuary of Berlín (as it's called here).


  1. ah ffs,,no USB....

    I dony believe it ted

  2. 80,000 people apparently had nothing better to do in a wonderful city like Madrid than to go and watch your man being 'presented'???!!! For Jaysus' sake!


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