Muerte en el encierro

Just saw while waiting for the Metro that a young man was killed during the bull-run today. San Fermin's first fatality since 1995. I thought it unlikely it was either my camera thief or one of the English stag party, so there was no feeling of bull's justice being done. Well, unless the bull, the innocently-named Capuchino, took any pleasure from it.

Apparently he caught the guy in the neck with one of his horns. Your man had jumped feet-first under the wooden barricades to escape him, and they're saying now he should have jumped head first, as any "experienced bull-runner" would know. Coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Capuchino wasn't satisfied with that, and went on the rampage afterwards, turning back just before the end of the run and charging left and right at more runners behind. Apparently 11 were injured altogether in today's run. But at least they survived, unlike the unfortunate 27-year-old Daniel Jimeno Romero from just outside Madrid.

The non-fainthearted can see the whole encierro here. It's fucking mad. Seriously, not for the fainthearted.


  1. Take one bull
    grill for 20 mins
    one onion
    red sauce
    some pickles
    a bit a cheeze
    two buns
    glass of milk and eat it

  2. After watching that all I can say is; "what a bunch of idiots and arseholes". Tradition me bollicks. Stupidity is all it is. Maybe it'll be banned at last after this goring. (And I'm not fainthearted, I've survived many a Berlin Winter).

  3. Don't think it'll be banned anytime soon, if ever. Whatever about tradition there's too much money to be made from it. I'm sure the bulls would like to see it banned too.

    Today's encierro was another not for the faint-hearted. Loads injured. Two people are now in intensive care fighting for their lives. They were operated on all morning. One is touch and go.
    My mother gave me a graphic description of it this morning when I got up. She listened to it on the radio. Blood everywhere apparently, one guy gored in the neck, thrown around like a rag-doll, blood coming from his mouth. Even the commentator was upset as he was commentating on it apparently.
    My mother was pretty upset when describing the various injuries, and how the bull kept going in for more. Car crash syndrome prevented her from turning off the radio it seems. Here's the link for the latest installment of the bull's wrath:


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