Tribune strikes gold

Irish newspaper readers were in for a rare treat on Sunday morning. Not only did they wake up with that warm feeling which comes with the realisation Monday is a bank holiday, (the pub is suddenly an optional cure for the inevitable hungover,) but sitting at the breakfast table, sipping Barry's Tea and tucking into greasy rashers, runny eggs and more-fat-than-meat sausages, they may have leafed through the pages of the Sunday Tribune.
They may have stumbled upon a certain article. "Wow!" they would have exclaimed through a gobfull of toast and half-eaten sausage, sending lumps of food tumbling onto the pages below. Shaking the crumbs and chewed pig particles off the page, they would then have proceeded to read the rest of the article, a piece so brilliant, so damn informative and witty, so freakin' fabulous, they may even have gone back to bed, just so they could get up and do it all over again.
Yes, the Sunday Tribune's readers struck gold this week.


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