¡Más por favor!

A band I'd never heard of before have made me feel today like no other has in a long time. Not since I first heard Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, grasped Radiohead's In Rainbows, or was seduced by The National have I felt so indebted to a musician for a wonderful gift.
March of the Zapotec caught my attention as it concerns the lads from my beloved Oaxaca in México. Thanks to the EP's title, I stumbled upon Beirut, a band whose ridiculously fantastic music soars the soul, lifts the spirit, inspires, captures, enthralls... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWSz_PAfgNc
Wow! Goose bumps all round. What is it about great music that makes you want to laugh, cry, jump, scream, smash the place up?! Aaaah!
If you're reading this Zach Condon; ¡Yo quiero más y más!

Coincidentally, Beirut are playing in Hamburg, not too far away, on Sunday. It's already sold out. Scheiße.


  1. yeah, those Berlin chaps need a good kick in the hole alright,,some tasty tunes thou..not a welder amongst them i'd say. jew happen to get into them via your location..but yes much noticeable french Quebecois influences there..ummmm..what was I going to say to ya...oh yeah did you see the mayday muppets having a riot happen to get any flicks etc?
    fats over and nought

  2. Yo Fats. Good to have you back! Yeah I went down to Kreuzberg to see if there would be any action and was confronted instead with a vibe of love, peace and techno. No hassle at all. It was still good though, but it wasn't what I had been expecting. Last night then was when it all kicked off - almost like they waited for me to leave before they started...

    That band is American. Not a Berliner or welder (as you rightly say) amongst them at all.


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