Hope for pigeons

Bin zufrieden! Heute um 9.30 Uhr, endlich, fangt mein nächste Deutsch Kurs an...

I'm a happy bunny! My next German course begins today - finally - at 9.30 am. About time too. Those pigeons were losing patience with my level of German. They wouldn't tell me directly - they're too polite for that - but you could tell.
Everything was coo, coo, coo in the beginning. (I was beginning to think they were American pigeons, such was their enthusiasm for everything.) But lately they've taken to flying away when they see me approach, apparently no longer willing to suffer my attempts at Pidgin.

So today I begin Deutsch C1.1. It's pretty advanced German, probably too advanced for me, and I suspect it will be like last year when I optimistically skipped Deutsch A and proceeded directly to Deutsch B1+ and B2. I hadn't a clue what was going on in the beginning - not a clue - but somehow I managed to absorb enough of the language to be able to continue. I'm hoping I can do the same now.
Wir sehen uns. Daumen gedrückt!


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