Observations on Mexicans

A couple of observations on Mexicans, detailed below in no particular order of importance:
  • Mexicans never ever wear seatbelts. Not even bus drivers, despite the fact all drivers are supposed to wear them. I suspect this is a result of machismo; wearing a seatbelt is probably seen as a sign of weakness. It was the same in Honduras and Guatemala - countries where seatbelts are more likely to be called into action than anywhere else on Earth.
  • Guns are held with pride by all those who hold them. I guess these weapons inflate the bearer’s sense of self-importance. I presume guns are the reason these guys became cops, security guards or whatever.
  • Mexicans can’t drink. They get drunk very quickly and do not make good drunks. It’s probably hard to find any country with good drunks to be honest, but the Mexicans can get ridiculously messy and aggressive (as I saw during La Noche Loca).
  • The children of this part of the world are ridiculously smiley and friendly. They nearly always offer a wave hello or a cheery “hola”. Irish kids, on the other hand, would sooner throw stones or rotten eggs at you. Ahhh, those were the days!


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