High steaks

Yesterday I ate the first bit of meat to have passed my lips since St. Stephen’s Day – an unprecedented 18 days without flesh! This time last year, I wouldn’t have thought I’d survive such an abstinence.

It wasn’t an intentional fast to be honest, but once I went two days without eating meat through circumstance, I had already gone longer without meat for the first time since I was a baby.

I decided to go a week. No mad side effects. Pretty damn healthy in fact. After that the achievement became higher every day, and it was a case of deciding when to let go of the balloon. The only way I was letting go of that balloon was through the biggest, juiciest steak I could find. Chicken, pig or any other inferior meat was simply not good enough anymore. It was steak or nothing. Last night I got steak. The balloon burst. Wow.


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