It seems I have Chacahua to myself. Restaurants are empty, the dusty streets quiet. In fact, the only interaction with other beings I’ve had so far has been with a frog who jumped into the sink as I was brushing my teeth last night, and three giant pelicans who evidently thought I was going to feed them when I emerged from my lagoon-side cabin this morning. They were left disappointed.

I left too, not wasting any time before heading down to the beach for a pre-breakfast Pacific dip. Life is tough! The beach is spectacular, backed by palm trees and curving away to the horizon far away, but there is no one else here to enjoy it with me.

I comfort myself with Huevos à la Mexicana, a wonderful combination of scrambled eggs, tomato and jalapeños. Of course it’s served with chilli, tortillas and coffee. Eaten barefoot, sitting under a palapa on the beach, breakfast is Mexico is simply fantastic. Some people give out about the spiciness, but for me there’s no better way to wake up than having a fire burn in your mouth as the chilli drags the senses kicking and screaming into another day.

Hopefully I won’t be in a mouth later on. Next on the agenda is the Crocodile sanctuary in the Parque Nacional Lagunas de Chacahua!


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