I found a wonderful piece of journalistic writing at its very best today while browsing through The Irish Times. Naturally, as that esteemed publication has a reputation for publishing the very best the world of journalism has to offer, I would expect to find inspiring and enthralling articles on a wide variety of subjects within its pages.
Despite being used to its sky-high standards however, even I was taken aback at the sheer brilliance of this piece: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/travel/2009/0328/1224243597913.html

Who is that author? Why have we not heard of him already? How have his talents not been revealed to the world before now?! A "Hidden Gem" indeed.
Whoever he is, he is going to go far I can tell you. I would encourage the rest of the world's newspapers to take note and follow suit before he is locked into an exclusive publishing agreement and they are left to rue their hesitation.


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