Berlin banditos

I woke up on the S-Bahn home last night to find my phone and wallet were stolen. I had been listening to the phone's mp3 player but that didn't put off the fuckers who rifled through my (back!) pockets to earn their ill-gotten gains. I must have been snoring.
Not even in Mexico did they go through my pockets when my jacket was stolen on the bus.

To add insult to injury, Bank of Ireland are charging me €5.99 for issuing a replacement ATM card.
"Do you want to proceed with that charge Mr. Fahey?"
"Not particularly you fuckers, but you're not really giving me an option, are you?"

Anyway, don't bother ringing me or texting me, unless it's to send abusive texts to the German banditos. They turned the phone off however, so even that consolation is off the menu.

Email is the way to get in touch with me from now on if need be.


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