Stick a bottle of tequila on a table and a good night becomes a fucking great night! Cafe Bar Revolución was the venue once again, (three nights in a row and counting - I can't keep this up,) for total strangers to unite in the name of fun.
What had been an interesting night pre-tequila, suddenly became mayhem post-tequila. Tables and chairs were kicked out of the way, and the floor heaved up and down as people threw their legs and arms about in Berlin-style dance. Kicking, swinging, jumping like lunatics. Even I jumped in!

The music helps of course - it's not just about tequila. The fast salsa beats and contagious happy notes induce foot-tapping at first listen, developing into head-nodding and finger-wagging, before metamorphosing into full-blown trampoline-style jumping. ¡Ay-ay-ay-aayyyy! ¡Arriba, reeba, reeba!!

Not just the Mexicans joined in. French-Canadians (one of them responsible for the bottle of tequila), Spanish, Swiss (the first cool Swiss I've met since I wrote all that bad shit about them. I later met a sound English/Swiss guy. Mad!), and four Japanese fellas, including quite possibly the coolest guy I've ever met, Mushashi Shimamuri - a Japanese Bob Marley, all jumped up and down like yo-yos. Tequila-induced springs in the steps.

One pays for it the next day however. I woke up with my first hangover of this trip.
Of course, as the Irish guy, I was expected to drink most of the bottle. I hate these negative stereotypes, but I was happy to oblige.


  1. jaysus Sloper, I'm getting the itch reading all these clogs.
    I often wondered whether the jap's had any hippies, I have one super Micronesian on my job ,,she they the jap's seem like a cool culture..
    so whats this about a cool pomme?

    have you been tipping on the tequila
    again muy son?


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