Mara's Comedor

I've decided from now on to eat only in places with plastic tables and chairs, plastic tablecloths and concrete floors. Better again if this establishment is beside a busy road and they serve the food on hard plastic plates. The meals must be cooked on a barbeque/grill which sends plumes of smoke across the road, blinding drivers and making already dangerous roads even more exciting.
I ate yesterday in Restaurant Dulce Mara, a fine comedor near the bus station in San Cristóbal. It was slightly expensive at 40 Pesos (just over €2) for steak, but it was accompanied by a bowl of beans, salad, three varieties in seperate bowls of chili sauce and two mountains of tortillas - one toasted, the other not.
Mara herself is a fine short hefty woman who has probably been grilling and roasting pig, cows and chickens everyday from 6 am to 11 pm for the past 45 years. There was no messing with her. Her jaw was set to "determined" and she threw down the grub accordingly. Cook food, serve food.
I quickly got into the spirit of things. Get food, eat food. Yum!


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