Yoga Bear

I've found the real hippies! Forget the wasters of San Pedro, these are the real deal!
Not here for ganga, blow or weed, a more intelligent breed is in San Marcos for some sort of mystical natural healing-type things which occur in the village.
This is an eco-dream, with peaceful environmental types drawn here for meditation, yoga, reiki, massage therapy and energy work. Some sort of earthy magnet must be switched on which has everyone strolling around totally at one with themselves and the world.
Couples with babies chant on lawns and slap their thighs. Other people actually greet you as you pass.

This morning, before breakfast, I was entertained by free yoga classes given on the wide balcony of my hostel. It overlooks the lake far below and the setting is stunning, but my attention was captured by a line of arses high in the air, followed by stretching exercises and body contortions which had me thinking the participants were trying to leave their own bodies - perhaps enter the spiritual world directly. At one stage they literally had their feet and then elbows behind their heads.
Despite this going on for more than an hour, the participants all gave it the thumbs up afterwards. (I know, not hard in comparison to sticking your foot behind you head.)
The reports were so good, I've been convinced. I'll be up bright and early for my first yoga experience tomorrow!


  1. look at the arses on that, I'd say she works out wha~ so you found your home from home? this generates a positive image of dartsville. well done that man, is Jenny still with you? oh and also please read this important article from about being safe there with drug barons etc.fats..


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