Whale sharks at noon

Tomorrow's the big day. Whale sharks at noon. Half noon to be precise.
Anyway, the Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center (WSORC), the crowd we've going with, have had a pretty good encounter rate the past few days - four on Wednesday - so it's pretty certain we're going to be snorkeling with the biggest fish in the world tomorrow. Aaarrgh!!

Pirates actually seem to have left their mark on this island. (One bearded guy actually walked down to the beach with a parrot perched on his shoulder yesterday. He left the parrot in the tree while he jumped in for a dip. Of course, he would have to talk to us.)
The pirate Henry Morgan was a big wig here at one time. I presume most of today's residents are descendants. They all seem to be particularly lazy, and the town itself looks like shit. Run down buildings, broken up pavement, unpainted walls. rubbish just strewn around. Cockroaches, maggots and land crabs left to their own devices. I guess they're lazy because of the climate, the sea and the beaches - surely not conducive to any sort of work.
To be honest there really is no comparison between the underwater world and the overwater one - the former is spectacular, so maybe they just don't need to bother with the one above.

Today a barracuda swam by our heads. A long pointy fellow (like Éamon de Valera).
He'd be no match for a whale shark though. Bring them on!


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