Still no decision

Still no decision. It's gonna have to be a last minute job. I'm going with Jenny to the airport at 4 am. My plan is to ring the work-crowd from there, and if they confirm the job, I'll hop on my flight back to Berlin.
Otherwise it's México!

For now we're back in Antigua, a half hour bus ride from Guatemala City airport. We got back here yesterday, and I must say it feels good to be back - almost like we're home again. Maybe it's as close to home as I'll get for now...

Antonia opened the door to the hostel when we arrived, and she greeted us with a huge smile, as did Raúl when he saw us later on. Happy to see us once again. There was genuine warmth as they welcomed us back.
Raúl owns a tomato farm and so we were invited to help ourselves to an unlimited supply of the juiciest, tastiest tomatoes in the kitchen. He was genuinely delighted to hear how much we enjoyed lashing into them. "Eat them. Eat them," he urged us. "There are plenty. Help yourselves."

When you're made feel so very welcome, it's very, very hard to leave...


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