Sambo Creek

Today we're leaving the island of Utila, and heading back to the mainland of Honduras. To a Garifuna seaside village called Sambo Creek to be precise. Imagine that - a river of sandwiches!

The Garifuna are descendants of black slaves dumped on the Caribbean island of Roatán by the British. They mixed with the locals, set up seaside communities, and made their way to the mainland where they did the same again.
They're a colourful bunch, pretty laid back. The ones on Utila speak a version of English which is almost incomprehensible. They shout a lot, but I think they're only talking. Loud music is on from the minute they wake to bedtime. Probably why they have to shout at each other.

Anyway, across the sea from Sambo Creek are Los Cayos Cochinos (the Hog Islands), small islands surrounded by coral reefs and known for their unique species of pink boa. I'm surprised they didn't have those in San Francisco.
The islands are protected national parks and have no roads, so there won't be any fuckers on motorbikes beeping at me. I noted they aren't called the Road Hog Islands. Hopefully we'll get to go over. There'd be more opportunities for snorkeling and swimming. It may be expensive though - we might have to charter a boat, and I'm not sure what the story is with accommodation. We may have to bed down with the pink boas.
In any event, Sambo Creek has a good beach. The boat's leaving in an hour. Good thing too - I'm starvin'!


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