Wonders never cease

A quick emergency update because I have some wonderful news...

Last Saturday, November 15th, 2008, we won a football match for the first time. We actually won!!! I'm only passing on this information now because I've been celebrating since.

My team, Theresas Mütter, actually beat another bona fide team in a proper game of football. 5-3 was the final score. Yours truly was responsible for two assists, despite being half-drunk from the party which ended just four hours previously. Jesus, I think I might still be drunk!

I won't deny we were hanging on at the end, and the second half seemed to last a week, but when the referee finally blew the whistle - Oh my God!!! Total unbridled joy!! Goose bumps and near tears - I write with no hint of exaggeration. My eyes actually watered.

The team had lost each of the previous 26 games ever played. Our first game of the season was a 12-1 loss so you can understand why there might have been a hint of an inferiority complex in the side.

(Despite the noble ethos of all-inclusiveness and "the result not being as important as taking part", to be brutally honest, I was getting a little tired of losing...)

But now we have our first win and our first points!!!

Yes, we played a real team, and no they weren't a team of blind grannies as someone has already suggested, but a team of 11 men. And our all inclusive team fielded two women and a Yank!!! And so on Saturday night we celebrated as if we won the World Cup. Woohoo!!!

The attached link has a couple of photos from the celebration party on Saturday night. Needless to say, the merriment went on long into the morning.

Up Theresas Mütter!!!

Der Ire


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