August update

Another update from the life of a wandering reporter looking for something interesting to report on. A quick update this time as I've been getting complaints from some quarters suggesting that my updates to date have been too long. Thankfully, I'm an optimist, and I'm going to assume that these busy and/or lazy people are in a minority. Nevertheless, I take all my correspondence seriously, so this is only a very brief update. I realise, of course, that my intro is already in danger of contradicting its main point so I'll move swiftly on...

The main happenings since my last update have been the realisation that money only lasts as long as one doesn't spend it - in fact this is probably the main or crucial happening - the rest are mere garnishings which either take my mind off money or help me spend it.
Said happenings include: a week's holiday in Italy (complete with missed flights home - extra €400); the completion of my German course (until October); Radiohead concert; beach volleyball afternoons; rowing with Turks (not water rowing - the other kind); and swimming naked in the Spree (Berlin's Liffey) at a theologians' party.

These theologians are mad. Into God and religion and stuff, but as far as I can see it gives them a licence to go crazy at weekends. Actually, they drink like they want to be brought closer to the next life. Probably the connection.
This particular night, to escape the Polizei who kept calling to the party because some neighbour was giving out about the noise, somebody decided it would be a good idea
to jump in the river for a swim. Everybody else agreed. The only problem now is that there is photographic evidence. I have to track down "Russian Tanya" to get the pictures from her before my housemate does. He plans on sharing these pictures with the world.
Anyway, don't worry, I haven't become a theologian or discovered God or anything like that - I just enjoy their parties.

The week's holiday in Italy was great, but the Italians are fucking crazy, and their public transport makes Ireland's look organised. Having said that, while it is impossible to figure out when or from where buses are supposed to go, they actually have various buses going places. They also have trains, but I will never forget getting a train from Napoli only to arrive back in Napoli two hours later. The damn thing must have gone around in a circle. This happened after we were nearly arrested for not having a ticket for the bus from the airport to the train station. All part of life I suppose...

The replacement bike (the third I've bought since I got here) is still going strong. The English haven't stolen it yet. Actually, it's insured, so I'm kinda hoping now it gets stolen so I can get a new/better one. I haven't bought any train tickets for this month so I'm literally cycling everywhere I have to go. The Napoli train incident scared me off trains for a while.

In Berlin, if you're going to a concert, the cost of the ticket includes public transport to get to and from the venue in the city. (Obviously it wouldn't include price of airline ticket back to Ireland if you came over for a weekend.) It's a pretty good system though - encourages people to leave their cars at home and drink their heads off. Drinking on public transport is practically encouraged here.

It's amazing how busy one can be despite not having a job or anything to do. Last week I had a temporal house mate (from Madrid funnily enough). He rented the room from one of the girls (Wiebke, the theology student) while she was in north Germany to see her parents.
Naturally I had to bring Alfredo out to various night haunts in the city. It would have been rude to let him out on his own.
Last Wednesday we found what must be the worst nightclub in East Germany, never mind Berlin. Kids everywhere (maybe I am getting old) jumping up and down to ear-offending pop shite. The beer was two for €3 so we stayed for three before our escape. Shortly afterwards we found ourselves at a Lesbiparty. It was just in a warehouse or something I happened to hear something from as I was passing. Now that was more like it! Mad stuff altogether. The people were interesting to say the least. All types of mad shit hanging from the ceiling and the bar never closed - it was open as long as we wanted. We stayed 'til it got bright, then a bit longer, then a bit longer again, before it was time to go for pizza. Luckily after eating we were too drunk to find another place. God knows what time I would have woken up otherwise. It was 17.30 as it was.

I am getting up early every day though. That was just a one off. Today for example I was up at 11. I've an interview/casting this evening for a film company looking for beer connoisseurs to travel to Munich, Prague or Brussels for three days of filming to find the world's best beer. They pay for flights and accommodation and they'd even pay €100 a day for me to drink beer! They're looking for Irish or English who have been living in Germany a while. You couldn't make it up.

It would be my first time working since February. Speaking of which, I see the Russians are bombing the shit out of Gori. How long did I wait for something exciting to happen in Gorey? Four years! Someone up there is having a laugh at my expense...

The only problem I can foresee with the beer-drinking job is that I've already booked flights to go to Sweden next weekend, and then I'm driving back to Ireland via a few days in France. So I'll be back on the Oul' Sod for a few days in early September. I've to sell the car because I don't really need it here at all. (Anyone interested in a beautiful red VW Golf can get in touch on the numbers below). After that I'll be flying to Madrid for a week or so, before returning to Berlin to start college again and thinking of getting a job.

My German isn't good enough for a career in journalist circles just yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to turn my hand to something worthwhile. Maybe, if my beer-drinking film career gets off to a good start, I could start dreaming of the silver screen...

I'll leave it on that note of insanity. What would be really crazy would be really crazy would be really crazy (ha!) would be Waterford actually getting to the final. Go on Na Déise!

Liebe Grüße,


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