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Of pain and pride and fundraising

I ran the Berlin Marathon again. Three weeks ago, done, finished. By doing so we raised €351.52 for Syria. I really appreciate the ongoing support of those who contributed.
But I’ve reached the stage where I have to reconsider my whole modus operandi. The fundraising’s not working anymore.
I had 11 sponsors this time around, most friends who had donated before. But I can’t keep asking the same people who’ve been donating on and off since I started this carry on – altogether contributing more than €5,400 altogether.
I’m grateful for such generosity, humbled by it. But I kept running because I want to get other people to help and evidently that’s too much to ask.
I almost gave up when the cramps set in around the 26K mark. It was cold and raining. I’d been doing OK up to then, averaging 5 minutes per kilometer, on track for last year’s time or better. The half took me 1:42:48 according to my phone, which tells a sorry tale afterward…
The cramps got progressively worse. I had to stop. …

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