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The littlest little fella

The littlest little fella arrived today. Last night, really, at 1.30am. The contractions started yesterday and we left for the hospital later than we should have. In the Trabi of course. It was the fastest Trabi in the DDR last night. We got to the Klinikum im Friedrichshain, and what followed is not something that needs to be shared with the world. The little lad emerged from it all, complaining briefly by displaying a fine set of lungs before stoically facing the challenge of his birthday in a vast alien environment. Every sight was strange, every sound new, every scent smelled for the first time, and every sensory experience a mind-blowing experience. He coped by wisely sleeping for the day, interrupting it only with occasional bouts of squeaks and grunts. The few waking hours were spent trying to eat his large old-man hands, blinking quizzically at unseen sights, yawning great roaring yawns, and otherwise just appearing puzzled at his own oversize appearance. He’s clearly too

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